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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve found a home that might “be the one” and want to schedule an inspection. Below are some frequently asked questions that we have answered for you.

Inspections are priced according to the size of the home and areas to be inspected. Condo’s and townhomes generally have less outside areas to inspect. A detached garage or other second building will add to the cost. New construction and pre listing inspections are less involved, less costly and can save time and money during the sale process. An inspection provides peace of mind and can save you money many times over the initial cost of the inspection. Basic pricing is listed below.

Datum Inspections Services is owned by a retired military veteran. We offer a 15% military discount to veterans, and specials to members of specific veteran organizations. Proof of service may be required.

By all means. What an inspector sees is sometimes hard to put in a picture and a few words. The more you know about your potential home, the better your home investment decision will be.

How long will it take? We generally expect to spend 3-4 hours on a typical home inspection. Condo’s and townhomes typically take less time, but all inspections are affected by weather conditions and the ability to access all the home systems. If an inspector has to do a follow-up because a utility was not on, access was blocked, or another reason, the time and cost will increase.

You will be emailed a report within 24 hours. Payment must be received prior to release of the inspection document.

“Rent my opinion tour” We go with you to look at up to 4 homes and point out potential issues we see. You pay one price for the trip and we apply a portion of that to your actual inspection of one of the “tour” home.

Our inspectors are vaccinated and take all the necessary precautions for each and every inspection. We don’t require the client to wear a mask, our inspectors will wear one while inside your home.

We recommend that home warranty inspections are scheduled at least 6-8 weeks in advance. A general rule of thumb is that you should plan to schedule your home inspection when you put in an offer for your new home.

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